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How it works

Signup is simple. Click here to being the signup process. Answer a few questions, select your meals for the first order, enter your credit card info and your set.
NO! You can change your meals from week to week using the meal planner. You can also change the number of meals per week. The only requirement is that you order at least 4 meals per order. You can also skip one or more weeks if your out of town or don't need meals. You are in complete control
Absolutely. You can try it out for a week and if you don't like it, simple login and suspend your service. You are under NO OBLIGATION to continue your subscription.


We accept, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
Absolutely. We take security seriously. We DO NOT store credit card information in our system but keep that information on file with our payment process. All week orders are billed using a unique id provider by the payment processor for your account.


We deliver to the majority of Birmingham, AL households. Start registration and we will let you know if your address is available for delivery. If it is not available, contact us and we may be able to make an exception.
No. We deliver your food and leave it on your front doorstep. You food is stored in thermal bags surrounded by ice packs.
Our food is packed with ice packs and stored in thermal bags that can remain outside all day. After receiving your order, promptly place the meals in the refrigerator or freezer.
Delivery is a flat fee ranging from $2.99 to $8.00 per week depending on delivery address location. We only ask that you leave you bags and ice packs on the front porch each delivery day for pickup. Regardless of the number of meals you order, delivery is the same price. Delivery fee will be shown during checkout.


Orders are available for pickup as early as 6:30a on Monday morning. You can pickup throughout the day until 6:00p at night.
If you miss getting your order or need to make arrangements, please contact us.


Some meals have premium ingredents and have a $1.00 sur-charge per meal. We also charge tax on each order. No other fees are included.

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With SendMeMeals, there is no obligation. Try it for a week and cancel at anytime.

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